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Everybody hates their cable and cell phone providers

According to the Better Business Bureau, more Americans are mad at the businesses that purport to serve them than ever before!

Yes, it seems American businesses aren’t holding up their end of the social contract, and we know exactly what to do about: tattle. As detailed in its annual report, released today, the BBB received a whopping 1.1 million complaints in 2010, 10% more than in 2009.

Receiving the brunt of Americans’ passive-aggressive ire were cable and satellite TV companies, with 31,000 complaints, followed by the mobile phone industry (27,000) and new car dealerships (24,000). On the plus side, the number of complaints for these businesses actually went down from 2009, suggesting that bad business practices are becoming more evenly distributed around the American economy.

“Industries that do a large volume of business are naturally going to have a larger number of complaints. This is why it’s important to look at how a company responded when BBB approached them with consumer complaints, and not just the sheer number of complaints,” said BBB president Stephen A. Cox in a statement.

In good news for anybody with cable TV, a cell phone or a car, the big three also had the highest percentage of complaints resolved, suggesting that sometimes, running and crying to mom really is the best strategy. Suck it, bullies!

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