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‘Everyone calls him hero’

Anyone who knows Scott Brimacombe calls him a hero.

Brimacombe, 18, along with Claudio Frigo and Matthew Gilbert, was honoured by the Royal Canadian Humane Association yesterday for acts of bravery during a deadly June 20 house explosion in north Edmonton. The explosion killed four people.

“I am honoured that they thought I deserved one,” said Brimacombe.

When the blast rocked the community around 180A Avenue and 91 Street, the three men ran towards ground zero to look for survivors.

“I wasn’t really thinking about it, I just ran in there knowing people needed help,” said Brimacombe.

Brimacombe rescued an elderly woman in a neighbouring home from a pile of debris and helped her out through a shattered window.

He then helped Frigo and Gilbert rescue a mother and child from another neighbouring home.
Brimacombe and Gilbert were given the silver medal for their acts of bravery and Frigo was honoured with the bronze.

The silver is given to those who engage in a meritorious rescue, where significant danger is involved, while the bronze is awarded to those who risk a fair amount of danger associated with rescue.

The gold is reserved for those who lose their lives or have been severely injured during a rescue.

“I am good with the silver medal,” said Brimacombe.

Since that day, Brimacombe has noticed a stronger sense of community. “Now people will wave to each other,” he said.

Brimacombe has also become a well-known figure in the community since the rescue.

“Everyone calls him hero,” said?Brimacombe’s older brother?Andrew.

An admirer even gave him a fitting gift after the incident — a Superman hat.

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