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Everyone needs a hobby

It’s contest time! This contest is called, “Help Anne choose a hobby.”

What could be more fun? Well … choosing a hobby for yourself. That would be way more fun. But, will it win you one of the fabulous prizes listed below? I think not.

And frankly, I need the help. Now that my children are grown, I find something unexpected has returned to my life. Not disposable income, that’s gone for good. Along with my stomach muscles, memory and the ability to get through a day without humming the Teletubbies theme song.

But what I do have now and then, is a whole spare 10 or 15 minutes to do something for myself. Clearly, I’m ready for a hobby.

I do go to the gym. I thought that was my hobby. Then I found out the definition of “hobby” isn’t “an activity you’d rather gnaw your own arm off then have to do on a regular basis.”

I’m hoping Metro readers can help me find something better.

The guidelines:

1) It cannot involve a large outlay of cash. So, piloting a small aircraft or buying fashionable yoga gear is out.

2) It’s best to avoid activities that involve using or being in the vicinity of sharp objects. I tried gardening once and ended up getting a twig stuck in my eye and having to be rushed to the hospital. Gardening is not really the relaxing activity it’s made out to be.

3) It should not involve eating icky, unidentifiable things. This rules out becoming a contestant on Survivor or taking up vegan cooking.

4) It should, ideally, be legal.

5) No tatting. I can’t imagine saying, “Oh yes, I tat.” I just can’t.

Other than that, the field’s wide open.

Anyone who has an interesting, cheap, non-threatening, non-icky, legal hobby, I’d like to hear about it. I’ll choose a winner and give your suggestion a go.

Now, the prize. It was going to be a mug. Not just any mug. A Metro newspaper mug. But I decided against that on the basis that we don’t have any.

I considered giving away my own mug. It’s from the Elvis Presley Inn, Jerusalem. I was even prepared to wash it before I mailed it.

However, Metro has graciously donated logoed pens and chocolates. I know. I’m a little breathless myself.

So. Hobbies. Help me out at contests@metronews.ca. And let the games, or crocheting or Middle Eastern European stamp collecting, begin.

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