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Everything to know about Disney’s live-action Kim Possible movie

Disney Channel’s favorite redhead in cargo pants is coming back to TV screens for a live-action remake after the New Year. That’s right: get ready for a new Kim Possible movie. 

Based on the animated series that aired from June 2002 to September 2007, this film promises action, villains and our beloved naked mole-rat.

Sadie Stanley, who will play high schooler turned super-teen Kim, told YSBnow that filming for the Kim Possible movie concluded in early August. 

“It was the best three months of my life,” she shared. “[The movie’s] got such a mix of everything … friendship and action and fighting … I’m really excited.”

The film is produced by Middleton Productions, a subsidiary of Omnifilm Entertainment, and Adam Stein and Zach Lipovsky act as co-directors and co-producers.

Here’s the sitch: everything we know about the upcoming Kim Possible movie.

Kim Possible movie plot

The Kim Possible movie plot, per Deadline, reads as follows: “Kim and her best friend and sidekick, Ron Stoppable, start Middleton High School, where Kim must navigate an intimidating new social hierarchy. She is ready to tackle the challenge head-on, just as she has with everything else in life, but her confidence is shaken when she faces roadblocks at every turn: getting lost in the confusing hallways, being late to class and facing rejection during soccer tryouts from her frenemy, Bonnie.”

The two meet Athena, a new classmate and “Kim Possible superfan,” who becomes a member of Team Possible. “Soon, Athena starts to eclipse Kim just as the nefarious Drakken and Shego resurface in Middleton with a master plan to finally stop Kim,” reads the plot.

It looks like the film explores two sides of Kim: the teenager within and the superhero she’s become.

“While Kim and Ron have always been one step ahead of their opponents, navigating the social hierarchy of high school is more challenging than the action-heroes ever imagined,” reads the IMDb page for the Kim Possible movie. Disney isn’t wrong. High school is hard.

Kim Possible movie cast

Sean Giambrone from ABC’s The Goldbergs will play Kim’s sidekick BFF Ron Stoppable (he’s her eventual love interest too, but I was always iffy about that part of the animated series).

Patton Oswalt, who voiced villainous Professor Dementor, will be back for that role in the live-action Kim Possible movie. Christy Carlson Romano, who voiced the original Kim, will make a cameo in the film.

“I can’t say too much about my involvement yet, but I’m very excited to help usher in the strong, empowered female character I helped bring to life, to a new generation,” Romano told PEOPLE in August. “And I’m equally thrilled to see what the original fans think!”

Romano helped announce the roles of Kim and Ron when she and Will Friedle (who voiced the original Ron) pretended to try out for the Disney movie. Watch this bit below:

Supervillain Drakken will be played by Todd Stashwick, and Taylor Ortega will depict sidekick Shego (or, as I used to call her, the “green goth”).

Drakken won’t be as blue as his cartoon character, though he’ll most definitely keep his evil attitude.

Kim Possible movie Drakken

“It’s like he’s got a blue infection within,” Director Lipovsky told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s like some experiment or some dastardly plan went wrong years ago and now he’s got this side effect where he’s got a bluish hue.”

“Tech-genius” Wade (Issac Ryan Brown), Athena (Ciara Wilson) and, of course, Rufus round out Team Possible.

Additional cast members include Alyson Hannigan from How I Met Your Mother, who will be playing Kim’s mom, and Connie Ray, who will play Nana Possible. Erika Tham stars as Kim’s “frenemy” Bonnie. 

Kim Possible movie trailer

An official Kim Possible movie trailer came out in early December.

“So a few years ago, I accidentally received a distress call,” Kim says in the preview. “I was done with my homework, so I answered it. Now, well, I save the world.”

And, we hear that iconic distress call ringtone. Watch the trailer below:

Kim Possible movie release date

The Kim Possible movie is scheduled to debut on Friday, February 15, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. ET on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW.

So what’s the sitch? Will you mark your calendars for this premiere? Tell me it’s more than possible.