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Everything to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Note 9 unveiling event in Brooklyn.

If you’ve been spending countless hours researching the latest rumors for the Samsung Note 9, search no further. Today, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 9 during a live stream event from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

During the event, Drew Blackard, senior director of smartphone marketing, announced the new Samsung Note 9, saying the new smartphone is the most powerful phone ever created by Samsung with a larger screen, longer battery life, and faster processor.

The phone will come in four colors including Lavender Purple and Ocean Blue. The blue model will come with a contrasting yellow S-Pen. 

Below are some of the features you can expect from Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9. And if you missed the live event, you can also watch the replay on YouTube. 

Samsung Note 9 battery

According to Blackard, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have a 4000 mAh “all day battery” that will allow you to get through an entire day of normal use without having to carry around an external battery pack or find a spot to plug in a charger.

Samsung Note 9 storage

The Samsung Note 9 base model comes with 128 gigabytes of storage space and 6 gigabytes of RAM, giving you enough room save all the photos, videos and apps, you would ever need.  For those who need more storage space, there will also be a 512-gigabyte model available with 8 gigabytes of RAM.  The Samsung Note 9 will also have a slot for a micro sd card with expandable storage up to 1tb, which is more than most laptops can store. 

Samsung Note 9 S Pen features

Samsung Note 9 and S Pen

The new Samsung S Pen stylus will have Bluetooth capabilities. According to Samsung, you’ll be able to use the S Pen to take selfies, play and pause videos or use it as a clicker when flipping through slides in a PowerPoint presentation.

According to Samsung, it will release also release a software development (SDK) kit to let developers create more ways to use the Samsung S Pen. 

Samsung Note 9 processor

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 mobile device will feature an octa-Core (Qualcomm Snapdragon 845) processor that Samsung claims will perform better and stay cooler than other Galaxy models. Digital Trends reports that Android 8.0 Oreo feels smooth when scrolling through apps from their testing. 

Samsung Note 9 screen

Samsung has given its new Note 9 a 6.4-inch screen with an end-to-end display, allowing users to get the most out of the phone’s large display.

Samsung Note 9 phone

Samsung Note 9 camera

The new Samsung Note will feature a dual 12-megapixel lens with dual optical image stabilization features giving you the best tools to snap the perfect selfie or a beautiful landscape. One of the lenses on the Note 9 will have a dual aperture lens on the rear camera that supports f1.5 and f2.4 apertures. The dual aperture lens will adjust to the light to give you the best picture. The camera will also feature a Screen Optimizer mode that Samsung says will have the ability to detect up to 20 different photo scenes and adjust the camera’s settings such as exposure, contrast and color to give you the best picture possible.

How much will the Note 9 cost?

The Galaxy Note 9 will cost $1,000 for the 128-gigabyte base model and $1250 for the 512-gigabyte model.

So, when does the Note 9 come out?

During the release event, the company said the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date will be on August 24 and it will be available on the Samsung website and other popular retailers. It’s unclear if the 512-gigabyte version will be released on the same day, but according to Digital Trends, it will only be sold at “select retailers,” so that could mean you’ll only be able to purchase it directly through Samsung or your wireless service provider.

Preorder Samsung Note 9

You can preorder the Samsung Note 9 on the official company website or you can preorder it directly from your mobile carrier. Verizon has a special Samsung Note 9 preorder page letting you know exactly how many days are left before the released date. 

Samsung Note 9 unveiling video

In case you missed the live event, you can watch the replay on Youtube.