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Everything you need to know about Melania Trump

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Melania Trump: first lady, supermodel, mom. We all know the basics about our newest first lady, but there’s more to this Slovenian-born FLOTUS than meets the eye.

The first lady has been splitting her time since the inauguration between Washington D.C. and New York City, where she and her son Barron, 10, currently reside. Recently, a petition has been circulating the internet asking Senate to either force mother and son into the White House, or make President Donald Trump pay for the security costs.

Melania has said she and Barron will relocate to the Capitol once the young boy finishes his school year. Ultimately, she says the family will do what’s best for Barron.

In addition to being a fierce advocate for her son, here are more facts you probably didn’t know about Melania Trump:

Melania Trump isn’t the first foreign-born first lady

That’s right — for as much flak as Melania has received for her immigrant status while her husband President Donald Trump seeks to tighten immigration rules, she’s not the first foreigner to marry a president.

That title goes to Louisa Adams, wife of the sixth U.S. president John Quincy Adams, was born in the United Kingdom in the first year of the American Revolution. She and Adams married while his father John Adams was president — a move that attracted international press attention. And even then, Louisa’s father was an American.

Every first lady since, until Melania, was born in the United States. Trump’s third wife was born in 1970 in what was then Yugoslavia; she became an American citizen in 2006, a year after she and Trump married.

Melania met Donald when he was on a date with another woman — and still married

Separated from, but still married to, second wife Marla Maples, Trump, then aged 52, was on a date with a Norweigan businesswoman at New York’s Kit Kat Club in 1998 when he met Melania, then 28 years old. He saw caught a glimpse of the supermodel, who had relocated to the U.S. just two years prior, and asked for her number. Seeing The Donald with another woman, Melania refused, but he persisted.

In an interview, Melania said, “I heard he was a ladies’ man, and so I said, ‘I’m not one of the ladies.'”

Melania later learned Trump had sent his date to the bathroom so he could score some alone time with his future wife. She took his number — all of his numbers — and called him when she returned from a modeling gig. The rest is history.

Melania first campaigned with Trump in 2000

Trump filed his first exploratory committee to seek the presidential nomination of the Reform Party in 1999 before he and Melania married. Trump ran in a few presidential primaries, but ultimately only earned about 7 percent support in a matchup poll against George W. Bush and Al Gore and dropped out in 2000.

At the time, Trump said he would consider Oprah Winfrey as his running mate.

Melania Trump speaks six languages

The well-traveled first lady is also well-spoken — at least in other languages. In addition to English, she speaks her native Slovene, Serbian and French, which she speaks with her son Barron Trump, as well as Italian and German.

Melania comes from a fashionable family

She began her career as a teen model in Slovenia, eventually skyrocketing to the covers on Vogue and GQ, but fashion is in her blood. Melania’s mom, Amalija Knavs, once worked in a textile factory making patterns for children’s clothing from 1964 until retiring in 1994.

Melania Trump’s father looks really familiar…

Viktor Knavs, Melania’s father, was photographed in June alongside his wife as they disembarked Air Force One and the internet noticed something.

P.S. Mr. Knavs is two years older than Mr. Trump.

Kimberly M. Aquilina contributed to this report.

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