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Everything you need to know before the ‘RHONY’ reunion

RHONY Season 9 Reunion
Andy questioning why the eff he agreed to do this. Photo: Charles Sykes/ Bravo

The reunion for the ninth season of “Real Housewives of New York” is two days away and we’re kind of freaking out. Bravo never disappoints when it comes to these Manhattanites, but nothing could have prepared us for all the crazy this season served up. Here’s a little prep to help you keep your chill while watching these ladies lose theirs at the three-part reunion, starting this Wednesday, August 16 at 9/8c.  We’ve got you covered on all the drama — both on and off set. 

What to know

Bethenny and Ramona

A major focus of this season was the feud between these long time friends. It started early in the season when Ramona set off a ticking time bomb in the Hamptons. The last to join the party, Ramona comes in hot calling the ‘Skinny Girl’ a “B.I.” (which means bitch, we think?) with no social skills. Ouch! And in front of all the ladies, Ramona asks Bethenny if her daughter, Bryn, knows about the topless scene her mommy did in an old movie. Bryn is six-years-old. It’s no wonder Bethenny ditched and declared war.

The rest of the season showcased their on-again, off again friendship – that is, until Ramona’s bombshell explosion at Dorinda’s Berkshire’s estate. Drunk off her ass, Ramona went on a tirade against the fellow single mother, accusing her of sleeping her way to the top. Proclaiming that she was the only one who was truly “self-made,” Ramona just looked like the big old jealousy monster. In the end, Bethenny invited Ramona to her Mexico trip so all the girls could be together, but they’ve both expressed things can never be the same.

Luann and Tom

Every single time the socialites got together, shots were fired at Luann and Tom’s relationship. This season, there were cheating accusations, tearful warnings and even picture evidence from the ladies — all in the hopes that Luann wouldn’t say “I do.”  But she did – and didn’t invite any of her gal pals, except Dorinda.

Even after the Countess’ wedding in episode 11, red flags continued to shoot up left and right until the season ended. Then, Tom was caught on camera, shutting off his mic when he encountered an ex-girlfriend. Yikes! Shortly after the reunion was filmed, Luann announced her divorce with Tom via Twitter. The two were married for just seven months.

Sonja and Tinsley

A newcomer to the show, Tinsley Mortimer shacked up with Sonja Morgan. Although the blondes were similar when it came to their dating lives and cougar tendencies — with Tinsley going as young as 23 — the two did not agree on roommate etiquette.

Sonja, expressing that Tinsley was an unappreciative house guest to anyone that would listen, showed a new side this season that bordered somewhere between bullying and mothering. As if being the new girl wasn’t enough, Tinsley was on the defense all season. At least until the end: Sonja and Tinsley ended things amicably after Tinsley took the high road and threw Sonja a surprise thank you party.

What to expect

Bethenny Frankel, Carole Radziwill, Dorinda Medley, Luann D’Agostino, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, Tinsley Mortimer and flawless host Andy Cohen were all present at the reunion, which was filmed on July 12th. Based on the first look Bravo released, these ladies were literally slaying – they may have been glammed the eff up, but they weren’t afraid to get nasty once the cameras were rolling. Ramona is in the hot seat with Bethenny, of course. But we also see the ‘Skinny Girl’ shed some major tears followed by emotional responses from all the ladies.

“You can’t even imagine the torment that this has been. There’s no way to describe it. It was torture,” Bethenny shares in hysterics. We’re thinking that her never ending feud with ex-hubby Jason Hoppy is to blame, as People confirms it’s a topic of discussion.

Speaking of ex-husbands, we’re sure that Luann’s seven-month long marriage with Tom will take the spotlight of the reunion, just like it did all season. And considering the pair’s untimely announcement, we can’t wait to see how Bravo incorporates the scandal. Although reports say Luann never mentions the divorce during the reunion, the trailer tells another story. In it, the Countess herself talks about sleeping in a hotel during the time of the reunion — away from Tom. Don’t say the girls didn’t warn you, Lu!

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