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Everything you need to know to get half off a Frappuccino today

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It’s Starbucks Happy Hour today, and once again the coffee chain is serving up some savings on a fan favorite. That’s right, you can get 50% off a Frappuccino today as long as you hit Starbucks Happy Hour at the right time. Here’s everything you need to know to get in on the delicious deal as well as the latest offerings on the blended beverage menu to help you make the most of the offer.

We hope you’re team cold drinks all year round because there’s only one temperature up for grabs through the drink deal today. Although it was radio silence last week from the bean brewer, they’re back to offering you discounts on your favorite drinks this week. And they couldn’t have timed their deal any better. The luscious blended sips are being served up right when October dished us up a huge warm front.

By now you really should have enrolled in this program, even if you don’t take them up on the drink discounts each week. Your name does need to be on their list to save some cash through the promotion, but there’s nothing exclusive about it. (It’s sort of the least they can do considering how frequently we’re seeing Starbucks price increases.) Take a couple minutes to read up on the two beyond-easy ways to get in the loop with our guide to Starbucks Happy Hour.

Starbucks Happy Hour today

Now that’s you’re on the list, it’s time to try to pick your drink. That’s the most difficult part considering the fan favorite coffee shop keeps expanding their offerings with seasonal specials and dreamy flavor combinations. Maybe go with the Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino. Before now you had to choose between chocolate and caramel in your blended bevvy. No longer. Or you can lean into the fall season with a Maple Pecan Creme Frappuccino. Just make up your mind quickly and be sure to tell your barista that you’ll use your code for half off a Frappuccino before they ring you up.

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Want to take them up on the happy hour deal without blowing your daily calorie budget? Luckily, one barista took to Reddit to post a guide to all the low calorie drinks at Starbucks, including some simple swaps that will help you save calories on everything from Frappuccinos to flavored lattes.

This deal is good at participating Starbucks location after 3pm. You’ll need to order a size grande or larger to save 50%, but we don’t think that’s a problem since it means more delicious sips. Unfortunately it’s not good on the bottled Frappuccinos, so be sure to order it blended.