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Evidence mounts on the health benefits of beer

Charles Bamforth, Department Chair, Food and Science Technology, University of California, claims that beer could help prevent weak bones.

Your research proved that beer was a rich source of dietary silicon ‚ a nutrient that helps prevent weak bones. How was the research received?
I believe people had no difficulty in accepting the findings. The evidence is accumulating that beer – in moderation – is actually a rather healthier alternative to wine. My recommendation is to choose what you enjoy. I would never select a drink overtly for its health benefits, rather because it gives me pleasure. And naturally I advocate responsible drinking.

Which beers are considered the best in terms of their health benefits?
The ones that seem to contain the most silica seem to be those produced using high proportions of pale malts and hops. e.g. India Pale Ales and the hoppier pale ales. But all beers contain silica.

How much beer a day is considered healthy?
As good a general guideline as any would be that proposed by the UK Government, of less than four units per day for a man and three units for a woman. One unit is equal to eight grams of alcohol.

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