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Ex-dancer talks hookups

Vancouver women who think men won’t approach them because they’re too independent may be on to something, says a former exotic dancer.

Ryann Rain will be part of a panel of experts at Let’s Talk About Sex: Getting Some, which is being put on by the Vancouver Dating Guide on Sunday.

If it’s so easy for a woman to pick up, why are men not approaching them?

“Men get nervous and don’t necessarily know how to approach. As women are stepping into their own and aren’t apologizing for their sexuality, a lot of men are backing off.”

What can women do to become more approachable?

“Men like to chase and coming on too strong doesn’t work. I recommend the obvious flirting. Look and smile, glance and walk away, but (let) the guys approach.”

What should women avoid?

“Groups of women are intimidating. Keep the environment open. Treat people how you desire to be treated.”

Where is a good place to pick up?

“Kits Beach, the seawall, coffee shops … Get out of the house and go somewhere.”

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