Ex-hopeful vows to wow listeners

In each season of American Idol there has always been at least one upset when a particular competitor gets eliminated “before their time.”

That was the case with Chris Daughtry, lead singer of Daughtry, when he was voted off after having reached fourth place during the fifth season. The same thing rings true now with Michael Johns’ exit last week. Johns had garnered the least number of votes out of the 31 million cast for the Top 8 competitors. Everyone was is in such shock they couldn’t understand what went wrong.

Even Johns himself was at a loss for words, especially when host Ryan Seacrest mentioned that the year before no one got kicked off during the Idol Gives Back week, but this time he was being eliminated. Talk about a cruel little twist.

“I get the television aspect of this competition, but it was tough because you know I thought, ‘OK I’m going home,’ and then he said that and I’m like OK, wait a second, maybe I’m not going home,” said Johns during a conference call with media.

“But you get it when you’re in this business … so I don’t hold it against Ryan or anything,” he continued.

“So after this, I’m going to make a great record and it won’t be the last you’ll see of me.”

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