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EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Hart has been going to some fancy-ass weddings

If ads for “The Wedding Ringer” are to be believed, Kevin Hart and Josh Gad make for a very entertaining on-screen duo. So we decided to put that to the test. We sat down with Hart and Gad for a video chat about their new film, the crazier weddings they’ve been to — let’s just say that Hart has been going to some very, very fancy weddings — and how far is too far when it comes to comedy. Speaking of going too far, they also offer a heartfelt apology to one of their more used and abused co-stars. (No, it’s not Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting.)

“The Wedding Ringer” features Gad as a groom in a bind. He’s successful enough to have bagged an impressive bride (Cuoco-Sweeting), but he’s been leading her on about the number of close friends he has, which is actually around zero. So he reaches out to Jimmy Callahan (Hart), a professional best man for hire, to pose as the best friend he’s invented.Here’s a taste of what the “Wedding Ringer” stars had to tell us:

How much did this bear any resemblance to weddings that you’ve been to, just in terms of the craziness involved?

KH: The mayhem?

JG: Yeah, the mayhem. I’ve been to one or two weddings that were a little bit crazy, where things got a little bit out of control. But for the most part I feel like most of the weddings I’ve been to have actually been really wonderful and amazing.

KH: Yeah, I haven’t been to anything with this type of vibe. I hope I don’t. I don’t want to go to a wedding where I go, “Did she just smack him? Oh God, we’ve got to chug the champagne.” And then it’s that awkward exit where everybody’s like, “Man … do we take the cake or not? Do we get our gift bags or should we leave them? How do we handle this?” I don’t want to do that.

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Do you go to weddings with gift bags often?

KH: Where they give out gift bags? Every weddings I’ve been to, they gave out, like, a care package to everybody.

JG: Kevin, those are awards shows.

KH: No, those are the weddings I went to. These have been some really nice weddings, man.

JG: I’m going to the wrong weddings.

KH: At one wedding we got slippers. We got some really nice slippers, with the bride and the groom’s last name [on them]. And actually it was an Ugg. True story. That had to be expensive.

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I’ve always found that I’m the one getting them a present.

KH: No, you still give them gifts, but it’s like their appreciation package. Something with a picture of them. They take pictures of you in the beginning and they frame it and then give it to you when they walk out. Or a napkin with their signature — it’s small stuff like that, memorabilia.

Raunchy comedy is a tricky business, as you’re trying to be outrageous enough to surprise the audience but not so over-the-top that you put them off. But to hear Kevin Hart and Josh Gad of “The Wedding Ringer” tell it, the bigger issue is that sometimes colleagues get hurt — whether it be physically or emotionally. They’re concerned that one of their co-stars — a basset hound, to be exact — paid to high a price for their film’s laughs. “When you’re doing what we did to a dog, sometimes you’re wondering if that’s crossing certain lines with PETA where they may retaliate and they may feel upset about what we put canines through,” Gad tells Metro. “This is why dogs need betters unions.”

And Hart fully agrees. “The dogs need a union, because Fletcher shouldn’t have had to deal with that thing or more than two takes,” Hart says. “I think he did about seven or eight takes, which is past union regulations. Let’s just say Fletcher hates peanut butter now.”

As long as it gets a laugh, right?

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