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Expat unfazed by U.S. election

Mid-term elections in the United States take place today, but Jana Desrochers isn’t all that bothered — now that she’s a citizen of The Great White North.

“I don’t follow it much unless it’s a presidential election,” Desrochers said.

“Other than that, I think they all lie anyway.”

Desrochers is originally from California, but moved to Edmonton in 2001 and then back stateside to Georgia in 2005.

“I really wasn’t that into it in Georgia just because I really didn’t like Georgia,” she said.
“Whoever is going to get in is going to get in and I truly don’t think our vote really counts.”

Desrochers, now back in Edmonton, said the election in the Peach State means little to her, but she’s pleased as punch that California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t able to run for re-election.

“Most of my friends and family are quite happy that Arnold is not running, and Jerry Brown had been governor before and I never heard anything too bad about him. I think if he gets back in it’ll be a good thing.”

Needless to say, Desrochers will not be filling out an absentee ballot.

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