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Experts forecast ‘spectacular’ fall foliage for New England


Even if you can’t believe it, autumn is already around the corner. Lucky for New Englanders, this year’s season is expected to offer “spectacular” fall foliage.

Yankee Magazine is releasing its annual fall foliage forecast on Friday and the publication predicts a stunning season that is sure to draw leaf peepers from afar.

Though some may think the changing leaves always put on a noteworthy show, there have actually been some hindrances in past seasons, like drought or damaging gypsy moth caterpillars. Even the summer temperatures and rainfalls can affect what colors appear in autumn.

But this year, nothing seems to be in the way of a colorful fall.

“It’s the most optimistic forecast I’ve had in a couple of years,” Jim Salge, who tracks the New England foliage for Yankee Magazine, told the Associated Press.

According to the magazine, everything is in place for a “strong and vibrant” display.

“Since spring, the weather in New England has been fairly stable. There have been no long stretches of unbearable heat, nor have temperatures been below average. Rainfall has been adequate but not extreme,” the magazine predicts.

“The setup looks good overall for New England’s fall foliage display this year. The forest appears generally healthy and leaf development has been normal,” the forecasts continues. “The upshot: In New England, normal fall colors are expected to be spectacular.”

Jeff Folger, who goes by the name “Jeff Foliage” and both photographs and reports on the turning leaves, began his 2017 fall foliage forecast back in January to allow leaf peepers ample time to plan their vacations.

“The New England fall foliage is on track for what could be a bright season,” he said in his most recent forecast from July. “We are looking good so far and I’m keeping a weather eye to the sky and on the trees, waiting for those fall colors to come marching south from Canada!”

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