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Explore New York City with these new books

There’s a cooler way to show your love for NYC than by wearing one of those “I heart NY” shirts. These four books are not only a fun read, they’re great conversation-starters; your friends won’t be able to resist picking them up off your coffee table. Get your first look here.

‘I Never Knew That About New York’ by Christopher Winn
Whether you’re New York born and raised or it’s your recent new home, it’s impossible to know everything about the city. Let “I Never Knew That About New York” help you claim some new knowledge about the city you call home. Christopher Winn takes you through the history of all the monuments around town in a mix of text and original black-and-white drawings. Did you know that the Statue of Liberty is actually called “Liberty Enlightening the World”?


‘The New York Dog’ by Rachael Hale McKenna
The not-so-fun part about New York is all the dog droppings on the sidewalks. What is this, Paris? Fortunately you don’t have to worry about that in this cute book. Rachael Hale McKenna’s stunning photos takes us all around New York, where we meet all sorts of city canines. The book also includes funny quotes and short stories about some very special dogs and their owners.


‘New York Bike Style’ by Sam Polcer, David Byrne and Casey Neistat
New York might be all about the taxis and the subway, but it’s easier to spot a stylish person when they’re riding a bike. The book takes us through all five boroughs of the city giving us pictures of everything from vintage bikes to BMXs. A fun detail is that the name of every person photographed and where they are headed on their bike is included with every photo.


‘NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette’ by Nathan W. Pyle
New York has its own rules that don’t apply anywhere else. This books guides you through 136 tips with funny drawings that will make life in the city a little easier for you and for everyone around you. Check out No. 80: “Close the door quickly or everyone in the restaurant will hate you.” With this past freezing winter, we agree! Scroll down to see some GIF versions of tips from the book.

edit-coverfinal In “NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette,” you’ll learn how New York really works.
Credit: Nathan W. Pyle

Subway rules

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