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Eyes on the road, cops warn

Distracted drivers beware — if you commit an infraction while eating a sandwich, texting or doing your makeup, you will be fined.

Alberta RCMP and the Calgary Police Service are cracking down this month on distracted driving as part of a campaign to make the roads safer, according to officials.

“We just want drivers to know it only takes one or two seconds of distraction for something dangerous to happen and they won’t have time to react,” RCMP spokesperson Patrick Webb said.

Webb said officers have seen everything from people reading the newspaper, shaving and even playing a guitar while driving.

“Some of them think it’s not a big deal and have become desensitized to it, but it is a big deal and it can kill someone.”

The RCMP plan on targeting the roads outside of the city but the Calgary Police Service are keeping a close eye on distracted drivers this month in conjunction, according to traffic Const. Jim Lebedeff.

“Distracted driving entails more than just texting while driving and talking on the phone, those are the big things but there are many other things that distract drivers, too,” Lebedeff said.

“It just makes you shudder what some people are doing out there on the roads.”

Fines for infractions can range from $115 to over $500, plus demerits on the offender’s licence.

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