Facebook ‘Little Girl’ parties on the rise, RCMP warn – Metro US

Facebook ‘Little Girl’ parties on the rise, RCMP warn

Chilliwack Police are warning parents about a group of high school boys who have been luring pre-teen girls via Facebook to parties where they try to get them drunk and sleep with them.

They are called “LG” parties, which stands for “Little Girl” parties, said RCMP Const. Tracy Wolbeck.

“This is something that has recently come to our attention and we are trying hard to monitor,” Wolbeck said.

“The intent of these parties and the group mentality that goes along with them is what makes them very frightening for parents and police alike.”

She said police are cautioning parents to be vigilant about where their teenagers are going and with whom.

Wolbeck suggests if kids are heading to a party that parents call ahead to make sure there will be adult supervision.

“Don’t allow your kids to use the family computer in private,” she said. “Be aware of their Facebook contacts and the content of that contact.”