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Fall equinox 2018: When is the Harvest Moon 2018?

Harvest Moon 2018
The fall equinox always brings the Harvest Moon Photo: Getty Images 

September is coming to an end in a few weeks, and that means the Harvest Moon 2018 is right around the corner. What is the Harvest Moon? According to National Geographic in the Northern Hemisphere, the Harvest Moon is the closest full moon to the fall equinox, which usually happens on or around September 22. Last year, however, the Harvest Moon appeared in October, it will do that every three years or so. 

When is the Harvest Moon 2018? 

This year you can expect the harvest moon right on schedule around September 22, two days after to be exact. Many people suspect that the changing moons also change our moods, specifically our zodiac signs. The full moon and the magnetic force of the universe bring out specific attributes depending on when you were born.

For example, Astrology King wrote about Virgos: “The September 24 full moon is associated with inhibition and restraint. It could have a restricting and depressing influence on your feelings and relationships. But is also gives the courage and opportunities to overcome the obstacles in your life and your fears.” 

Harvest Moon 2018

Is this exact science? No. Is it possible? Hey, anything is possible. 

Aside from astrology Harvest Moons have been an essential staple in tracking time throughout history. Civilizations from around the world and way into the past have used different moons for various reasons, and each moon has a specific name. These names vary by location and regional folklore, but many are based on that particular full moon’s seasonal characteristics.

The time period around Harvest Moons aren’t just practical; they also can be beautiful. For several days in a row around the fall equinox, the moon rises only about 30 minutes later in the northern U.S. and just 10 to 20 minutes later in much of Canada and Europe. It sounds like a small shift, but it brings noticeably brighter nights: During this time, the full moon rises almost as soon as the sun sets, first appearing as a plump, orange-colored orb right around dusk. Will this be the case for the time surrounding the Harvest Moon 2018? One can only wait to see. 

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