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Falling back on track

Everyday things to get back on track
Start the day right. Have a breakfast that contains protein (eggs), healthy fats (nuts) and green vegetables (spinach). This will help keep you alert, burn fat throughout the day and keep hunger pangs at bay. Eat well. If we are eating well, our energy levels are high, our moods are positive and it’s easier to get back into shape. Cut out all C.R.A.P (Caffeine, Refined Sugar, Alcohol, Processed foods).

Squeeze a fresh of lemon into a glass of water. It aids digestion.

Running out of excuses
The days are shorter, the weather is getting worse and we always seem to have a good excuse to avoid exercise, whether it’s too wet, too cold or too windy. The truth is, there would need to be a blizzard to make exercising impossible, and for some people there is the option of the gym.

Instead of running yourself into the ground for nothing and treating exercise as a punishment, change your perspective.

Move. Spend at least 30 minutes a day doing some sort of movement or activity (running, walking, cycling).

Keep things rolling
Exercise first thing in the morning. Not only does this mean you get it out the way, it also means you will have a lot more energy throughout the rest of the day. Evenings will be dark and your energy probably sapped, so get moving as soon as you get up and get out whilst its getting lighter. This will also mean you get some sunlight first thing in the morning, which will up your mood.

Try something new. If you have spent the past year at the gym running or cycling in vain and without getting any results, then its about time you tried something new.

Give your body what it needs
One way to help improve our moods and to avoid common flu’s and colds we tend to get during autumn and winter is to take a good quality fish oil an L-Glutamine. The essential fatty acids found in fish oil (specifically DHA) play a vital role in brain health and regulating our moods. L-Glutamine is a great immune system booster and helps to control sugar cravings. Mix one tablespoon into a glass of water when you wake up.