False alarms fan York fires – Metro US

False alarms fan York fires

Already angry at being stuck in school an extra month because of the strike, York University students and professors are also blazing mad at a rash of false fire alarms they say are disrupting tests and contributing to an already smouldering campus mood.

“It’s just ridiculous what some idiots are doing in a school year that’s already been messed up by the strike,” said second-year student Hossein Davarinejad, one of 400 students who rewrote a psychology test Friday that had been cancelled the week before because of a false alarm.

False alarms have plagued York exams in recent years — a record 162 false alarms were pulled in 2005, for which the university is charged $1,000 each — but lingering stress from a 12-week teaching assistants’ strike may be fuelling extra frustration this year, suggested President Mamdouh Shoukri
Already a petition is calling for a fix to the problem has drawn more than 350 signatures from students and staff on the sprawling campus at Keele Street and Finch Avenue, where a bomb threat was called into school authorities last week.