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Family claims Anna Gristina, ‘Soccer Mom Madam,’ forced to wear a diaper in jail

Anna Gristina, the woman accused of running a ten-million-dollar Upper East Side prostitution ring, has been forced to wear a diaper while being held in jail, her family revealed on a website they created to help her.

According to the site, helpanna.org, the woman the media dubbed the “Soccer Mom Madam,” has been held in sweltering, 100-degree solitary confinement, clad in only a t-shirt and a diaper, while rats and roaches scurry around her.

Gristina is currently being held on a $2 million bond at Rikers Island. Her family is desperately trying to raise money to post her bail and is soliciting donations through the website.

“Anna Gristina-Gorr has not been convicted of anything. She awaits trial on Riker’s Island, with an unjust bail, set higher than the charge against her warrants,” it is written on the site her husband, Kelvin Gorr, set up. “The bail, set at a 2 million dollar bond or 1 million in cash, is cruel and unusual. Real criminals, such as alleged rapists, murders and child molesters have been required to pay less bail than she.”

“Even more horrific are the conditions of the facility she is being held in,” the site continues.

“As if this wife and mother was a war-criminal, Anna is kept in solitary confinement, in a room where the temperatures exceed over 100 degrees. Rats and roaches scurry all around her. The authorities humiliated her further by attempting to make her wear only a t-shirt and diaper.”

A spokeswoman for the Department of Corrections denied the diaper and other claims, saying all the allegations on the site are untrue.

Gristina, 44, was arrested on Feb. 22. She and another woman, Jaynie Mae Baker, have been accused by the Manhattan district attorney for running a sex ring out of an apartment on East 78th Street for more than 10 years, and taking in more than $10 million in the process.

Yet somehow, despite the allegation of raking in millions, Gristina is now unable to post her bail. The Scottish immigrant and mother lives on a 200-acre farm in upstate Monroe, N.Y., and her family has been giving away some of her beloved rescue pigs to save money.

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