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Famous writers and celebrities give their ‘Best Advice In Six Words’

It can just take one piece of advice to change your entire life. Whether it’s from your mom, a friend, mentor or some random dude on the subway, words of wisdom can come from even the unlikely of places. Instead of just waiting around for someone to inspire you, take to heart the compiled advice from the celebrities and famous writers in “The Best Advice In Six Words.” Everyone from Gary Shteyngart to Molly Ringwald share the best advice someone ever gave them on love, sex, money, friendship, family, work and more. Here, we share some of our favorites.

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“Just make something every single day.” — Noah Scalin

“Good posture trumps insecurity every time.” — Susanne Kuznetsky

“There’s always time to reinvent yourself.” — Kathryn Budig

“Speak kindly. Someone always hears you.” — Eleanor Sanchez

“Endure. Tomorrow is a different day.” — Karen Munro

“Overnight success has never happened overnight.” — Charles London

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