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Fans are traveling around Russia with cardboard cutout of Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen cutout
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You’re going on a summer vacation. Your packing list might include electronics you can’t live without (but promise you won’t use too much on the trip), beach essentials and daily vitamins. But, how about a Seth Rogen cutout?

The 36-year-old actor tweeted Monday that he discovered something either flattering or rather strange: Russian women are traveling around with a Seth Rogen cutout. (Really — we’re not joking.)

“Some Russian women appear to have taken a cardboard cutout of me on vacation,” Rogen tweeted.

He included screenshots one of the women — a photographer named Lyuba Alazankina — posted on Instagram.

The Seth Rogen cutout is seen riding a train, posing with a ship and out and about with these travelers.

“Pictures with Seth and the Iron Woman,” translates one of the photos.

Some of Rogen’s Twitter followers raised important questions. “Is it a scratch-n-sniff cutout?” one asked.

“The real question is: do you feel honored or weirded out?” another tweeted.

Here’s the most important query of all: where did these women get the Seth Rogen cutout? 

That part is unclear. Amazon does have a hefty selection of cutouts you can purchase — Justin Timberlake, Trump, The Rock, DJ Khaled — but no results came up for a Seth Rogen cutout. 

Sites like DigitalCity Marketing and Shindigz have customizable options, so perhaps there are similar services in Russia. 

Seth Rogen cutout responses: because fans couldn’t get enough

Rogen also shared what he’d discovered on his Instagram yesterday.

“You should take a cardboard version of her around California. It’s only fair,” one fan commented of the Russian photographer.

“Well of course now you have to take a cardboard cutout of them with you on your next vacay,” another wrote. “It’s common courtesy.”

Alazankina seems to agree. On her Instagram story, she posted photos of these responses that suggested Rogen travel around with their cutouts, circling them in red.

Seems like a good concept to me — I grew up with a life-sized Justin Bieber in my bedroom. And, would I mind if he flaunted a cardboard version of me around Hollywood? Not one bit.

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