Fans chant ‘ Kyrie Irving ‘ at Kehlani on stage (YouTube video)


People have long memories (for 2016 anyway) in Texas as concert-goers at JMBLYA 2016 chanted, “Kyrie” at singer Kehlaniwhile she performed.

In March, a photo of Kehlani and hip-hop artistPARTYNEXTDOORin bed togethersurfaced online and Kehlani was thought to be dating Cleveland Cavaliers point guard KyrieIrving at the time. Apparently due to social media hate, Kehlaniattempted suicide and was hospitalized.

Irving clarified the incident to fans, saying that he and Kehlani were not together during the time in which the photo was taken.

Above are YouTube videos of Kehlanihearing the backlash at JMBLYA and her talking about her suicide attempt.

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