Fans thrilled over return of championship - Metro US

Fans thrilled over return of championship

Fans across New York erupted with nine years worth of pent-up cheers the moment the Yankees closed out the World Series last night.

At Ball Park Lanes, a stone’s throw from the stadium, the packed crowd watching on one small television jumped up and down, poured beer on each another and howled for joy.

David Woodley, 24, of Manhattan, said he sold his car to buy tickets to Games 1 and 2. Last night, he predicted a new dynasty.

“The Yankees will win two of the next three and five of the next eight” World Series, he said.

The high-fives and hugs jostled the crowd at the bar in Ulysses’ Folk House in the Financial District.

“I’m wearing my jersey until I recover,” said Jack Ferrer, 33, an investment banker.

“I’m calling every Red Sox fan I know,” his friend Mathew Sachs, 32, chimed in.

The only thing left for bleary fans to do today was plan for the ticker-tape parade in the Canyon of Heroes tomorrow.

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