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Farmer must wait four months for raw milk ruling

Trial After it was all over, Michael Schmidt turned to his prosecutors, bowed at the waist and thanked the row of lawyers for their fair conduct at his trial.

Then the dairy farmer from Durham, dressed in his customary country attire of black jeans, khaki shirt and dark, simple vest, turned to Justice of the Peace Paul Kowarsky and thanked him for his helpful guidance.

“I’m happy to be going home to milk the cows,” he told the court with a wide, but weary smile.

The six-day raw milk trial wrapped up yesterday in a Newmarket court. But Schmidt will have to wait more than four months to hear whether he, his cows and his some 150 cow-share members will be permitted to continue their raw milk co-operative venture.

Both Schmidt and the prosecution asked to see transcripts of the proceedings before preparing final written submissions. Schmidt has until May 19 to file his final arguments.

Much of the second phase of the trial, which dealt with Schmidt’s constitutional challenge, was given over to a scientific debate of the health risks and benefits of drinking raw milk.

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