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‘Fartners’ app lets you share your gas with strangers

Got flatulence and want the whole webosphere to know about it? There’s an app for that. Fartners allows you to record your thunder from down under and share it across a social network dedicated to fellow wind-breakers. Rotem Yakir, the Tel Aviv-based software programmer and CEO of the “Twitter for farts”, explains to Metro that he built the site “to make people around the world laugh together”. An Android-enabled app, Fartners is currently seeking funds on Indiegogo for an iOS version.

Why did you create Fartners ?

Me and one of the co-founders were joking around the office one day. When I let one rip, he got a phone notification at the same time. We just thought it would be hilarious to be notified when your friends fart.

What’s your mission?

To make people around the world laugh together. Since farts are universally funny, we think everyone would have a chuckle. Backing us up here is [U.S. comedian] Louis C.K., who once said, “You don’t have to be smart to laugh at farts, but you have to be stupid not to.” What’s more, Fartners is our ridiculous way of promoting peace; we have t-shirts with “Make Farts Not War” across them.

How can fart fans use it?

It is basically very similar to Twitter, where you can follow and be followed by friends and celebrities. But instead of sharing whatever comes out of your brain, like with other social networks, you share whatever gas comes out of your ass. The result is a feed of people’s funniest moments that sets aside weather and political rants. True ‘Fartners’ not only share but also rate others’ farts and comment on them. Being active awards you with achievements and points so that you can unlock more features, like funny avatars, such as Lucifart, Sergeant Pooper and Farth Vader.

It doesn’t really sound similar to Twitter at all…

There are similarities but it’s still very different. On Twitter you can share short sentences – on Fartners you share flatulence. The main difference is that Fartners incorporates a lot of gaming elements, like the awards, points and leader boards. This gives our users the feeling that they are appreciated for their activism.

You said celebs are using Fartners ?

We heard a rumor that one of the most famous comedians in the U.S. is using the site but since you can use it anonymously we’re not 100% sure. What we can say for sure is that some of our top ‘Fartners’ are “celebs” in their own right since they have thousands of followers.

Who are the network’s average users?

Kids, but they are actually aged 25 and 35. We think people just have had enough with the same old social networks, reading about what others had for lunch and looking at cute puppy memes.

Have you already shared your farts?

I always thought farts are funny, and actually, since the app launched I’m the No.1 ‘Fartner’ right now with 600+ shared farts and thousands of followers We are constantly receiving great feedback about the app and how fun it is to use, by ratings, emails and regular social media channels.

There is a ‘Top Farts Chart’ in the app. What qualities must flatulence have to score high?

Farts are rated both by our sophisticated algorithm and the community. Usually, farts which get great ratings by a large number of users have a chance to appear in the Daily Top Farts section, or even the All Time Top Farts Hall of Fame.

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