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Fashion hits and misses

Which stars wowed audiences with gorgeous gowns?

Which celebrities made the biggest fashion faux pas?

Metro columnist Enza Anderson lays out the good, the bad and the ugly of red carpet couture at the 81st annual Academy Awards last night.

HIT – Amy Adam. Little red riding hood move over, there’s a new diva on the block. Adams certainly knows how to hold court in chiffon and corset.

HIT – Anne Hathawy. Finally, someone that knows what glitz and glam are all about. Hathaway makes the stars shine and the red carpet sparkle.

BEST – Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn. It doesn’t hurt to swing both ways. The Penns make the perfect Oscar couple with an all-black attire. It’s the simple suit and dress look for the couple that makes them a class act.

WORST – Beyoncé Knowlest. Beyoncé mixes black with a gold flower print. Maybe in the ’70s, girlfriend, but you were born way after that decade. You should know better. After you finish with the dress my upholsterer needs it to finish some couches.

MISS – Mickey Rourke may have played a wrestler in The Wrestler but he certainly couldn’t body slam a good suit.

MISS – Miley Cyrus. Dressed in full gown and sequins means dressing down. She definitely learned something from her Vanity Fair cover.

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