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‘Fearless Girl’ statue moving to New York Stock Exchange

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New York City’s Fearless Girl is getting a new, permanent home.

The bronze statue will move from its spot across from Wall Street’s Charging Bull statue to a new location in front of the New York Stock Exchange.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and State Street Global Advisors, the financial firm behind the state, together announced the change on Thursday.

“We are proud to be home to the Fearless Girl. She is a potent symbol of the need for change at the highest levels of corporate America—and she will become a durable part of our city’s civic life,” de Blasio said in a statement. “This move to a new location will ensure that her message and impact will continue to be heard, as well as improve access for visitors.”

The Fearless Girl statue was originally installed for International Women’s Day in March 2017 and became a quick attraction, drawing thousands of spectators and activists who even dressed up the four-foot bronze girl in a sash to support the Paris Climate Agreement. 

The icon did have her critics though, like the artist behind the Charging Bull, who said the addition of this statue violated his rights.

Not long after her debut, supporters from New York City Public Advocate Letitia James to local residents who signed an online petition called for the Fearless Girl to become a permanent New York City figure. The statue was intended to be a temporary installation, but now, the mayor said, she’ll be moving to a “new, long-term home.”

State Street Global Advisors will work with the mayor’s office to coordinate the statue’s move from Bowling Green Park to its new home facing the New York Stock Exchange. The move is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

State Street Global Advisors President and CEO Cyrus Taraporevala said in a statement that the statue has been accompanied with an effort on the part of the companies in which State Street invests to hire and promote more women to their corporate boards.

“We thank Mayor Bill de Blasio and the millions of people from New York City and all over the world who have enthusiastically embraced Fearless Girl and her powerful message,” he said. “Since Fearless Girl’s placement, more than 150 companies have added a female director to their boards. Our hope is that by moving her closer to the NYSE she will encourage more companies to take action and, more broadly, that she will continue to inspire people from all walks of life on the issue of gender diversity.”

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