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Feast for the eyes: Artists create knitted comfort food

It’s the mouth-watering menu that looks too good to be true – and that’s because it is. A creative duo is pulling the wool over your eyes with knitted versions of some of our favorite foods from an English breakfast to a cheeseburger. The delectable-looking delights form part of a series of images entitled “Comfort Food” by London-based photographer David Sykes and model-maker Jessica Dance. Sykes talks to Metro about the treats that will get your taste buds tingling for all the wrong reasons.

Are these images designed to tempt and tease the hungover and hungry?

[Chuckles] I guess I’m trying to get people to look twice. At first glance it looks like real food, then people look again and see it’s made of wool.

Has anyone tried to take a bite?

Not yet.

Have you thought about doing the photography for those greasy spoons diners with the unappealing food photographs?
[Laughs] I could do. They could do with a bit of polishing up. The key to making food look good is soft lighting.

Why did you decide to omit the classic black pudding from the traditional English breakfast?

[Chuckles] That’s one of my favorites to be honest. It’s about balance and not trying to make the plate look overcrowded. Also, black pudding might have looked like a black blob — the foods needed to be easily recognizable.

Are you a ketchup or brown sauce man?

A bit of both to be honest. But if I have to choose, brown sauce.

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