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Featherman, others respond to the Karen Brown vandalism story

The Karen Brown car-vandalism saga continued yesterday as an anonymous tipster wondered how it could be “politically motivated [since] at least 5 other cars along 10th, Mifflin and McKean that have been vandalized as well.”

Online crime maps don’t feature a vandalism category and a police spokeswoman said data wasn’t readily available. There were, however, two cases of “theft: over $200” from nearby cars since July 1. When told her claims of being targeted were questioned, Brown said, “I don’t know anything about other cars. None on my block have been vandalized.

“If it happens in my neighborhood, I’m the first to find out. Everybody knows I have political connections and can make some calls,” said Brown, president of the Southwark Civic Association. “I am the problem solver.”

Her Republican primary foe questioned how she’s gone from accusing him of “being a union buster” into proclaiming the teacher’s union should be dismantled.

“It’s a metamorphosis, very shocking. She can’t change who she is, but if she’d like to become a hardcore conservative Republican, go right ahead,” said John Featherman, noting his anti-union stance never resulted in vandalism. “I don’t know where she’s getting [these views] or who’s coaching her.”

Brown responded, “I’m not changing my tune. That is my tune. I’m still pro-union as long as they benefit the membership which the teachers union doesn’t.”

“As I remember it, she was very pro-union. The time I had a confrontation with her, she was even more pro-union,” said Dom Giordano, talk-radio host who interviewed Brown during the primary campaign.

This wasn’t the first time the vehicles have South Philadelphia have been doused with acid. Last October, several cars along Jackson and Wolf streets near Second, were similarly vandalized overnight not too far from a police van stationed in the neighborhood.

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