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Feeling anxious while waiting at the airport?

If you’ve been a stressed-out traveler, the recent terrorism scare probably sent you into the fetal position. So we asked acclaimed stress expert, founder and CEO of The Stress Institute, Dr. Kathleen Hall, for her tips on how to ease the fears and stresses associated with flying during this uncomfortable time.

Take familiar comfort with you
Take familiar tools to nurture yourself, such as your favorite blanket, pillow, soundproof earphones or your own DVD player with DVDs you like. This reduces stress because you are watching, listening and emotionally involved in something you enjoy.

When you are stuck at an airport — exercise. Walk up and down the concourses and get your heart rate up. This produces endorphins, calming hormones in the brain. You can also do yoga stretches, Tai Chi or Chi Gong in the airport concourse or even slight stretches in your seat.

Get there early

Check in online ahead of time. Since it’s easier to travel without heavy luggage, I always recommend checking your bags as it gives you more freedom and you don’t have to worry about if there will be space in the overhead bins or not.

For the kiddies

Have each child make a list of what they want to take with them on the flight. Make them pick items of comfort, entertainment, snacking and sleeping and be sure an adult checks their list before you leave the house.

Just surrender
Embrace the attitude of surrender. Reacting to every obstacle will make you crazy, raise your blood pressure and your heart rate and make you miserable. Surrender to travel as a learning experience, not a prison.

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