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Figurines embark on mini adventures

If you needed proof that the world is getting smaller, just take a look at this scene. Of course,Dutch photographer Compuinfoto has played with perspective,using a macro lens,to create his photo series called’Little World.’ Itshows miniature figurines interacting with everyday objects like stationery and evencrackers.

Why did you decide to capture the everyday lives of miniature people?

Some time ago I saw aphoto on the Internet by a photographer who placed miniature people in an outside environment. At that timeI was experimenting with photography ina desktop-sized light tent, which led me to believe I could do something like that, yet in higher quality and with more control of the environment. I enjoyed working with these miniature settings a lot.

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How do you imagine that ‘Little World’where the characters interact?

Inspiration comes to me at any time during the day, triggered by all the ordinary things I see around me. I could be eating a cracker and think, ‘Hey, this could be a climbing wall’. I imagine what interactions these little world characters could have with the objects I encounter.

How do you go about creating one of these scenes?

Starting with the ideas that I have, I try to find the right objects to make the idea work. I try to use ordinary objects and change their meaning or function when applied to ‘Little World’. The gathered objects are used to set the scene, thenI position the miniature people to create ‘Little World’. I actually have to use tweezers because they’reso tiny. Finally, I play with the characters, composition and lighting to create the scene I had in mind.

Do you have fun making these images?

Fun is the only reason I do this.

– By Daniel Casillas

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