Finally time to winterize, people

Time to haul those AC window units back to the basement and prepare your space for the deep freeze. This year, think about how you can better winterize your home or apartment with just a few inexpensive alterations. The key to being able to stay warm, reduce heat bills, and stay within your budget is simplicity.

1. Change the setting on your ceiling fan

This is the quickest fix imaginable, just flip your ceiling fan to reverse. There’s typically a small button on the unit that can does this. Adjust this so that the blades move in a clockwise rotation. That will push down and recirculate warm air.

2. Creatively cut drafts

A draft snake is a very basic tool that can look like decoration and double as a warrior against the cold. This unassuming tube of insulation rests at the bottom of your doors and greatly reduces any draft sneaking into your home. Plus it’s a quick project for anyone even slightly adept in crafting.

3. Get that furnace up-to-date

Just like we need to go to the doctor for routine check-ups, furnaces need to be serviced yearly. Helpful hint: ask your maintenance person to clean the ducts in your furnace. This will ensure proper use and guarantees that you won’t be working your furnace overtime.

4. Install storm windows

If you’re willing to splurge a little on your projects, installing storm windows is one of the most efficient ways of keeping warm air in and cold air out. These energy savers do an incredible job of sealing all drafts around the window. Remember, you get what you pay for, so shop around for the best deals on quality brands. Ask your home improvement store if they offer home-installation, too, as it can sometimes be a daunting task.

5. Prepare for an emergency

Here’s hoping we’re not in for a long, mean winter full of downed tree limbs and power shortages. But we have seen it in the past, so let’s learn from our experiences and make sure to have an emergency kit in your home. It should include basic first aid supplies, candles, matches, batteries, bottled water, and canned goods.

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