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Find a friend: adopt a pet

Once a week Metro features an animal you can adopt from the ASPCA. This week, say hello to Hazel!

Hazel is a friendly and playful 1-year-old domestic shorthair mix looking for someone to take her home. She will have tons of fun during playtime, but hasn’t quite learned that hands are not her toys. She might play a bit rough when she’s feeling playful but her adopter can help break her of this habit by always playing with her using approved toys. She gets disappointed if her playtime ends, so if she plays too rough simply walk away and she will learn to be more gentle next time. She has a ton of energy, so tiring her out with fun and exciting play each night would be best. Her favorite toys include hanging string-type toys for chase-and-pounce games so have plenty of those handy!

Hazel would be best in a home with children 10 and up because she still needs to learn her manners. If you’re looking for a fun and energetic exercise partner, Hazel could be perfect for you.

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