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Find dorm room inspiration with these budget-friendly ideas

Dorm room inspiration on a budget
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Recent high school graduates as well as returning college co-eds understand that dorm life can be tough, especially when you’re on a budget. After all, tuition, textbooks and meal plans really add up quick. Fear not, there are wallet-friendly ways to furnish your life and living situation while away at school. You just have to know where to shop and not be afraid to embrace your inner HGTV do-it-yourself mentality. Find some dorm room inspiration with these decor ideas that won’t break the bank.

Budget-friendly dorm room inspiration

Dorm room inspiration: Daily necessities

Things like snacks, toilet paper, soap, water, you name it were always stocked back home. However, this is college and it’s up to you to buy life’s necessities. Introducing, Boxed aka a “Costco for millennials” where students buy in bulk online for a more affordable buy. Thankfully, there’s no membership fee, but there is a friendly two-day-shipping promise.

Atlas, you’ll never run low on ramen noodles (24 pack for $9) or paper towels (12 pack for $17) again.   

Dorm room inspiration: Room bundles

Upon moving into your dorm-sweet-dorm, it’s up to you to furnish your bedding. Instead of running store-to-store, opt to buy all your bedding with one mouse click. The Starter Pack from Roomify ($195) is all your sleep gear in one bundle. Everything from Twin XL sheets, memory foam mattress topper, comforter, and more comes in a handy box. You just pick the color scheme that inspires you the most.  

Dorm room inspiration: Laundry pod subscription

So, college means the start of plenty of new things. Doing your own laundry is one of them. Fear not about running out of laundry detergent or not knowing exactly how much to use as Dropps Laundry Pods subscription takes away the guessing. Dropps Stain & Odor Laundry Detergent Pods brightens, whitens, fights stains, and odors with a lingering clean scent. Good news for college students, the subscription service starts at $4 with a 14 day free trial at dropps.com. No need to have mom wash your dirty socks anymore—you got this.  

dorm room inspiration budget friendly

Dorm room inspiration: Dorm DIY

Most college students opt to purchase new everything before move-in day. However, if you’re feeling crafty, why not repurpose some of the storage containers you already own? All you need is a little imagination and spray paint. We’re loving the Krylon Shimmer Metallic quick-drying spray paint as it’s perfect to re-vamp desk organizers and other dorm décor amenities.

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