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Find your dream job with the swipe of a finger

Find your dream job with the swipe of a finger

Start your job search on-the-go with Switch, a mobile app targeted at technology and media professionals who want to inconspicuously switch jobs. Switch allows users to look for jobs without the awkwardness of having to sneak around their present employer. Even Switch’s slogan — “Job discovery for people with jobs” — highlights the company’s philosophy.

Switch’s approach to career matchmaking has been compared to that of the popular dating service app, Tinder. Job seekers can browse through job postings,swiping right if they’re interested and left to pass.

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Employers also have the opportunity to sort through candidates’ anonymous profiles, and gather information about their previous work experience, which is conveniently pulled from their LinkedIn profile. Each open position and candidate profile is called a Switch card, and offers a five-second overview of vital information — which is, quite fittingly, the average time a recruiter spends on a resume.

Senior sales manager of Clicktime, Bill Mooney recalls his positive experience with Switch, “The swiping is super user friendly and easy [for you] to quickly tell if a job is a right fit or not,” he said, “It helps filter alot of the noise out there and only puts the things in front of you that are actually relevant to you and your experience.”

When a hiring manager is interested in a potential employee’s professional profile, a push notification is sent directly to their phone ––the “Super-Like” equivalent on the Tinder app.When both parties have “liked” each other, then the hiring manager and the potential employee can begin their conversation.

When did job hunting get so fun?