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Finding furniture that suits your space

There probably aren’t many decorating enthusiasts who haven’t heard of the home furnishings powerhouse retailer Crate and Barrel. They’re one of North America’s most popular contemporary furniture and home accessories stores, and this week they open their third Canadian store at Square One in Mississauga, Ontario.

If you don’t happen to live near a store, they’ll ship you what you need from their online shopping catalogue at www.crateandbarrel.com. I had a chat with Raymond Arenson, Crate and Barrel’s Executive vice president of merchandising and design, to find out where trends in furniture are heading and ask him his thoughts on what classic furniture items every home needed.

Everitt Table
An affordable and versatile table, its base can hold a variety of table top sizes which makes it flexible enough to be a dining table, desk or console. The base is actually 2 t-bars and requires no hardware, so it comes apart and stores in a closet when the table is not needed. With any tempered glass top, it is also suitable for outdoor use.

Stow Onyx Leather Storage Ottoman
Can serve as impromptu seating, extra storage, and by flipping its lid over, an instant side table.

Walnut Mimic Cube
Alone, it’s a trendy side table. In a group, it becomes a coffee table and in a stack it can serve as an étagère.

Savannah Cane Rug (8×10′)
Because of its useful size, its neutral color, and its ability to be used either indoors or outdoors, it’s as versatile and durable as a rug can get.

Marina Lamp
Its dramatic in shape, yet quiet at the same time. It can be used on a table or on the floor. Its fully dimmable function can make it a source of full ambient lighting or soft accent lighting.

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