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Finding your way into the digital media field

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are a select few jobs available for television, video and motion picture camera operators and editors. They also predict that, while the number of jobs in this field should grow over the next 10 years, there won’t be more jobs available, due to the tremendous amount of candidates entering the field. But there’s still plenty of reason for excitement if you’ve got a gift for camerawork and editing.

The statistics in this field are misleading. These numbers tend to reflect the growth and decline of established sectors. And, video production is currently one of the most amorphous fields out there.

While it may be harder to get that camera operator spot, there continues to be ever-evolving work for visually and technologically talented people. Your official education can’t match the time you put into your craft on your own. When choosing a school, make sure the program provides an exceeding amount of hands-on experience with the equipment. And, scrutinize the traditional bachelor’s in film degree, as these programs tend to focus on theory rather than training.

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