Fine French fare at Papillon - Metro US

Fine French fare at Papillon

Le Papillon on the Park

1001 Eastern Ave.

Rating: ****1/2
Dinner for two with drinks: $50

Thank goodness for the bright yellow side of the restaurant. Otherwise, I might have missed it.

Poised beside a water pumping station and across the street from a sizable McDonald’s, stands the long, thin restaurant. Out here in what feels like an industrial park lays a beautiful, uncluttered restaurant with white stucco walls, modern fireplaces and tables spaced far apart.

The original location was Toronto’s first creperie, so we decide on crepes.

To start, I order the Pâte, but our server chides, “Non, you want the Cretons à l’Ancienne ($6.75),” as “Pâte” on the menu is chicken liver. Despite the language barrier, it’s lovely — creamy and mild.

Our Crepe Bergère ($14) and Crepe Continentale ($14) arrive. The Bergère is a delightful stew of simmered curry lamb, apple and raisin and mine is a mélange of morsels of chicken, mushrooms and celery in a creamy white wine and rosemary sauce — like chicken pot pie in a crepe! The crepe itself is well-constructed — thick and chewy with a crisp brown top and not heavy or starchy. Our only complaint? They are on the dry side.

A fine meal and evening. With a view of the park. And water pumping station.

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