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Finer fashions for floors

Rooms lacking soft contours can experience a world of difference with a slab of cushiness on hardwood or a splash of colour underneath a coffee table in a neutral room.

Rugs are aesthetic, functional and a quick way to change up a space, says designer Jennyfer Kenez, of Jennyker Kenez Design Inc. in Toronto.

“(Rugs are) one thing that a lot of people tend to overlook,” says Kenez.

With endless shapes, patterns and fabrics, a rug can complete a look by tying all the different elements together in a room, and adds a touch of warmth to a bare, stark floor (and cold feet). Dividing a hard object on a hard surface with an area rug adds visual appeal.

“There seems to be a lot of people who are shopping (for hard furnishings) and they forget about the soft furnishings,” says Kenez. “That is the key to creating a personal space. (Rugs add) that personal touch.”

Kenez says she favours a combination of wool and silk in a living room, or a shag with a soft and cosy texture for the bedroom.

Rugs can work as a starting point for a colour scheme, or added after as an accent to existing hues, along with throw pillows and candles.

“Look for complementary colours, I hate matchy matchy,” says Kenez. “It adds a tremendous amount of impact. Or if you have a painting that you love you can use that as a base and then find your area rug.”

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