Fire on NYC Plane heading to London leads to emergency landing in Boston - Metro US

Fire on NYC Plane heading to London leads to emergency landing in Boston


On Thursday night, a Virgin Atlantic flight from JFK Airport heading to London Heathrow made an emergency landing to Boston’s Logan Airport. 

CNN reports that the fire broke out in the first-class cabin.

The Massachusetts Police said in a statement that State Police spotted wires that seem to be protruding from the “area of fire” and they also said that officers “examined a device located between the cushions of the seat that ignited. Preliminary investigation suggests it is a battery pack consistent in appearance with an external phone charger.” 

Police reported that the fire was extinguished by crews, at 8:44 p.m. 

Before it was deplaned, it is being reported that firefighters inspected the scene of the incident as well. 

Outlets reported that the flight had 217 passengers on it that they were all safely evacuated. The crew was also safely evacuated. 

Only one passenger refused treatment for a smoke-related complaint.  

CBS spoke with a passenger named Cory Tanner, and they told the outlet that, “We just all smelled smoke. An announcement was made shortly after that that there was smoke in the cabin, we were making an emergency landing in Boston,”

Additionally, Tanner added, “People were definitely nervous, just because we didn’t know what it was.”

According to ABC, it was not the only emergency outlet in Boston on July 4. Earlier Thursday an American Airlines flight from Chicago, declared an emergency when a cockpit light went on. The plane landed safely without any issues or incidents.



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