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FireJohnIdzik.com raises enough to put up billboard

John Idzik
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A surge in interest from donors and Jets fans has led to $10,000 being raised through the website FireJohnIdzik.com and the site’s founders say they will buy a billboard to spread their message.

Their expectation is to buy space near MetLife Stadium to target Jets management and fans as they hope to pressure ownership to fire general manager John Idzik.

“The location of the billboard will be announced in the coming days on our social media pages. We cannot disclose the location yet but we will say that we give our Joe Namath guarantee that it will be very visible,” said site co-founder Jason Koeppel. “We are still receiving message from people who want to donate but we have already raised our $10,000 goal.”

The website, whose sole purpose leaves little room for the imagination, has been around since last Monday but is gaining in momentum. The emergence of the website was first reported by Metro New York last week and has seen similar coverage in other major media outlets in the tristate area.

In a press release issued by the site, the founders of FireJohnIdzik.com made it clear they don’t expect his termination to happen overnight but they are pushing for Idzik to be fired sooner rather than later.

“Our billboard will be up from late November until the beginning of 2015,” the press release said. “To further spread our message, supporters of our cause will be outfitted in ‘Fire John Idzik’ T-shirts across the country and inside of the stadium. Let this be a clear message to [owner] Woody Johnson that Jets fans will no longer tolerate incompetence from our leaders.”

The needed revenue for the billboard was expected to be reached by the end of the year but the site’s founders are claiming they raised the funds in just five days.

“If anybody else would like a ‘Fire John Idzik’ T-shirt, we are going to come up with a plan in the next 24 hours and let everybody know via social media on Twitter @firejohnidzik and on Facebook.com/firejohnidzik,” Koeppel said. “I wish I could give a more complete answer but we did not expect or plan for this sort of support so fast. It speaks to the level of anger that Jets fans are feeling right now and we are happy that we have provided a way for them to express it.”

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