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FireJohnIdzik.com sprouts up, aiming to ax Jets GM

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It’s never more obvious a fanbase is officially angery at you than the creation of a website whose sole purpose is to see someone collecting unemployment.

The webite FireJohnIdzik.com, whose domain name leaves little to the imagination is calling for owner Woody Johnson to fire Jets general manager John Idzik. Founded by lifelong Jets fans Matt Wolferman of Ridgewood, New Jersey, Jason Koeppel of Hackensack, New Jersey, Jared Koeppel of Fair Lawn, New Jersey and Greg Kohler from Seattle, Washington, the site blames the woes of the 1-7 Jets squarely on Idzik.

“The press conference [Monday] obviously was the straw that broke the camel’s back but to be honest, the manner in which he was hired in the first place was ridiculous,” Jason Koeppel told Metro. “Nobody wanted to take this GM job because it came with the previous GM’s head coach attached to it. And Woody had to hire a consulting firm just to find us a ‘qualified candidate.'”

The site documents Idzik’s failures over the past two years, including the arrests to free agent signings Mike Goodson and Kellen Winslow. There’s blame for the draft selection of Geno Smith and some finger-wagging at Idzik’s less than stellar draft record as a whole.

“You can’t ask your fans to invest thousands of dollars in PSLs and then expect them to accept this type of season. The price of watching it unfold is absurd,” Jason Koeppel said. “If you want to be a season ticket holder, they force you to pay PSLs [personal seat licenses]. They force you to pay full price for the preseason. And then in a season like this, you have four games worth of tickets that you can barely even give away. It has gotten so bad that my 15-year-old Jets fan nephew went with his grandmother to the movies on Sunday instead of sitting with us in the Chase Club because, he said, ‘Jets games aren’t fun anymore.’”

The site is still in its opening stages, having been unveiled on Monday, but is already registering impressive numbers. There are already several thousand unique visits to the site and the founders are claiming over 200 emails of both support and outrage in the first three days.

The group has raised over $200 since Wednesday and they hope to buy billboards near the Meadowlands with the message of firing Idzik. T-shirts, not surprisingly, are also available.

“In two offseasons, Idzik has managed to ruin the roster and if he stays on, undoubtedly the future roster of this team. He has set this organization back years upon years with his awful drafting and even worse free agent signings,” said Kohler, one of the co-founders. “He has no plan or philosophy, and he’s proven this by trading for Percy Harvin, signing zero competent corners and insisting the worst statistical quarterback in the NFL [should] start. I can’t take another year of this, nor can this organization afford it. Woody needs to fire Idzik now.”

And now there’s a website to prove it.

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