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First comes love, then comes…?

The hopeful romantic awaits a morning-after call that never comes.

Chums muddle friendship whilst endeavouring to become “more than friends.” Cheated hearts, love will tear us apart. In this post-Valentine’s month when Hallmark cards and Hershey’s Kisses don’t coax us topically into affection, reality sets in and reminds of The Everly Brothers’ pragmatic proclamation: Love hurts.

But for realists ready to dodge the agony associated with finding and maintaining a healthy relationship, there may be a fast track off the love rollercoaster.

Her name is Jessica Ann, a Toronto psychic who has been answering the love queries of the curious through palm, tarot card and crystal ball readings for more than 15 years.

“When a person wants to find true love, I am able to tell them when, where and how. It’s very easy for me to do that,” she says. “When a relationship is going bad, I can sense the loss of communication or the distance between them. I can see whether they’re going to be able to mend that situation, or if they’re separated, I can tell them when they’re going to get back together.”

Ann’s gift came to her as a child when feeling different emotions and vibrations from people and her surroundings helped her to realize she was born an “indigo child.” The term refers to people with hypersensitive tendencies toward others’ thoughts and feelings, strengthened through meditation. Says Ann, “Basically, if something is going on in the world, I’m feeling it.”

Feeling how others’ love lives will take shape not only garners foresight of positive relationships, but negative ones too, according to Ann, which she says is her job’s greatest struggle.

“It is hard, but I’m a very honest woman and I don’t sugarcoat anything for my clients. I never do. Before the reading even starts, I do tell them that I am honest and ask them as well if it’s OK to say whatever I see, good or bad.”

Ann believes it’s important for individuals to experience readings, despite whether they foresee favourable outcomes, so they may steer clear of fruitless romance.

“Sometimes you meet someone and you like that person and your emotions get mixed up and you feel different things … What I do is tell them what’s right and what’s wrong and if that person is even worth putting in all of your emotions.”

But while it may sound like a blind form of matchmaking, Ann laughs off comparisons to a dating service.

“Dating services and all those types of things are very complicated and it just puts you through more of a hard time and you get more confused,” she says. “I’m not a dating service whatsoever. I just tell you what’s going to happen.”

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