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First-time mommy-to-be gifts

1. FEAR: My baby won’t sleep

SOLUTION: The Sleep Sheep. It looks like an ordinary stuffed animal. But inside is a sound box featuring four white noises, including a heartbeat and whale sounds — guaranteed to make your kid go to sleep. Sleepsheepandfriends.com

2. FEAR: I can’t carry my baby

SOLUTION: Moby wrap. The fully adjustable, one-size-fits-all fabric (no annoying snaps or straps) wraps around your entire back, so you don’t strain yourself. Or look like a backpacker. Mobywrap.com

3. FEAR: Changing diapers in public

SOLUTION: The Skip Hop Changing Mat. This simple, ingenious set looks like a clutch, but one zip later, you’ve got a changing mat with extra-wide flaps. It’s quick. And when you’re stinking up the entire Baby Gap, you need to be quick. Amazon.com

4. FEAR: My baby rolls around in bed

SOLUTION: Grobag swaddle. Hey dads: Babies can suffocate under blankets. So wrap them up in this cocoon, a soft, warm blanket that keeps them snug. gro.co.uk

5. FEAR: I feel gross

SOLUTION: A bath for mom. We recommend a Ren Skin Care bath set, for the soap (to clean off the spit-up on mom’s neck) and relaxing scents (to help her forget the spit-up ever happened). Also, offer to babysit, so mom can take the time she needs. Renskincare.com

6. FEAR: Eating out with baby

SOLUTION: The MeeToo High Chair. It’s lightweight and screws directly on to any table, so the baby feels close to the action. When done, it packs away to under an inch thick. Suddenly, other guests at the restaurant don’t hate you. Philandteds.com

7. FEAR: My baby looks cold

SOLUTION: Maryjanes. If her feet are bare, the thickest jumper won’t keep her warm. So try these warm and fuzzy socks, which look like shoes. Trumpette.com

8. FEAR: My baby’s teething

SOLUTION: Sophie the Giraffe is a bestseller. It’s small enough to hold, soft enough to chew, squeaky enough to entertain and cute enough to make adults drool. Sophielagiraffe.co.uk

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