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Five minutes with Rainmen owner Andre Levingston

He’s the face of the Halifax Rainmen, so, obviously, a conversation with Andre Levingston will focus on basketball. But the Premier Basketball League club’s owner is also known for being one well-dressed man, so there’s some time to talk fashion with Metro Halifax.

The team is gearing up for its fourth season. Are you where you want to be as an organization?
We are still a work-in-progress. We are working extremely hard to make sure we do things better every year. So I’m never satisfied. There are always things we can do better.

The league is welcoming a second Maritime team this season. Do you think there is room for more expansion in the Maritimes?
The Maritimes and all of Canada — period. I think Canada is unique and has a lot to offer, more so than the U.S. for basketball at this level. And definitely, Halifax has more to offer than any market in North America, to be totally honest.

If you could have any professional basketball player — including NBA — on your roster, who would you pick?
Kobe Bryant. He’s the best player in the world. He’s a winner, his work ethic is incredible and he’s never, ever satisfied.

How many suits do you own and what is your most expensive one?
My most expensive is about $2,000 and I probably have 15 suits or so.

Now you’re a pretty stylin’ guy. How do you think Halifax is doing? Are we getting better?
(Laughs) Now you’re trying to get me in trouble. Halifax has style — everybody has their own style. Believe it or not, I like dressing down. My suits are just my uniform.

You played NCAA basketball. Are you going to surprise us one day and don a Rainmen uniform?
Absolutely not — those days are over. I laced up and practised with my guys once last year and regret it to this day.

Will we ever see you as team owner who also become the coach?
I would say no, but never say never.

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