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Five movie-famous sunglasses

The Hangover Part III

The film: “The Hangover Part III”
The look: Phil (Bradley Cooper)
The frames: Ray-Ban Aviator large metal II, $145, Ray_Ban

Great Gatsby

The film: “The Great Gatsby”
The look: Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio)
The frames: Bottega Veneta round-frame sunglasses, $480, _Bottega Veneta
Natural Born Killers

The film: “Natural Born Killers”
The look: Mickey Knox (Woody Harrelson)
The frames: Vintage surplus color round sunglasses, $33,Urban Outfitters
Film Title: Public Enemies

The film: “Public Enemies”
The look: John Dillinger (Johnny Depp)
The frames: Quay Eyewear round sunglasses, $31, MOD_W23_Sunglasses_Quay eyewear

Reservoir dogs

The film: “Reservoir Dogs”
The look: Mr. White (Harvey Keitel)
The frames: Lanvin black acetate sunglasses, $341, www.matchesfashion.com


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