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Five scenes that prove Jess is Rory’s true love on ‘Gilmore Girls’

On Oct. 1, cancel all your plans, call in sick to work, buy some junk food that will slowly rot your insides (Don’t forget the Red Vines!) and hunker down to watch “Gilmore Girls” as it starts streaming on Netflix. It will be just as magical as receiving a thousand yellow daisies! We all have our opinions concerning which guy was best for Rory (we hardly need to go into Lorelai’s love life, do we?). Dean was a great first boyfriend — loyal, sweet and protective. But, come on, he was boring. Logan seemed to have it all, including pretentious arrogance. When it comes down to it, though, let’s face it, Jess — the Sylvester Stallone-like, bad-boy intellectual — was the perfect fit. Here are five scenes that prove that Jess is Rory’s true love:

1. Carriage Conversation: During the second season, Jess jumps into a horse-drawn sleigh with Rory. He never misses an opportunity to be by her side, but instead of simply flirting as they glide through the snow, he asks her questions and wants to know more about her. She isn’t just a pretty face; he cares about her. Plus, you have to admit,jumping into a moving carriage is pretty smooth.

2. The Care Package: When Lorelai heads to the spa with her mother for the weekend, Jess pays Rory a surprise visit and comes with an armful of food supposedly from Luke. Obviously, Luke had nothing to do with it. Jess just wanted to spend time with Rory. Coming up with cute reasons to spend time together and bringing lots of food? That’s our kind of guy.

3. Romantic Return: After crashing Rory’s car, Jess flees to go live with his mother in New York City. Then, during the last episode of season two, Sookie’s wedding, Jess comes back to Stars Hollow for one reason — Rory. His love for her is greater than his hatred of Stars Hollow, or his shame about the reason he left. Nobody can resist a tough guy getting over his pride.

4. Genuine Gesture: When Rory finally makes the decision to attend Yale over Harvard and Princeton, Jess looks up how many miles away it is, because despite his bad boy past, he’s thinking about their future together and he’s not intimidated by her Ivy League plans.

5. Out on a Limb: Jess shows up at Yale at the end of Rory’s freshmen year and says, “Come with me.” He confesses his love and tells her he knows they should be together. Jess has finally shed all signs of uncertainty, and decides that the best way to prove that is with a dramatic gesture. While Rory shoots him down, Jess puts himself out there for her in a pretty bold way.

6. Wake-up Call: When Rory has lost her way — dropping out of Yale, working with her grandmother in the DAR and gallivanting with Logan — Jess is the voice of reason that finally gets through to her. Could anyone but a soulmate have this much impact? Of course not. He’s honest with her and isn’t afraid to tell her the truth that she needs to hear.

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