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Five unsung heroes

The people of Calgary are what make it great — as Mayor Dave Bronconnier so aptly put it. In fact, they are the backbone of this city’s thriving community spirit and dedication to volunteerism.

Of the thousands building their respective community on any given day, too few are recognized. They are Calgary’s unsung heroes. Metro Calgary, as a part of its ongoing SunnySide series, brings you a handful of these community leaders.

• Cheri Macaulay — This active Calgarian and her husband have lived and raised two sons, now 17 and 20, in the same Brentwood home since she finished school in the 80s. Macaulay edits the community newsletter, the Bugle, and sits on the community board, but she also helped spearhead several mural projects, which are integral parts of the community today.

“I used to think, oh maybe someone should do this, or that, but then one day I realized, well maybe I should do that,” she said. “I think that is how the community comes together, with like-minded ideas.”

With the help of organizations like Volunteer Calgary and several helpful Metro readers, here are a few more heroes in our community and the difference they make:

• Michael Hope — Michael has been a part of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra for 25 years and offers to help plan all the pre- and post-concert chats as well as any lobby and stage announcements for the CPO. Michael has also provided extensively to the Mustard Seed by playing for their radio, as well releasing two CDs where part of the proceeds go directly to the Mustard Seed.

• Vicki Schmuland — High school senior Vicki Schmuland set out to help fund a home through Habitat for Humanity. Vicki and three friends were able to raise $110,000 using ingenuity, creativity and a passionate spirit. Putting her whole heart and soul into volunteering, Vicki’s time, talents and energies are also used to mentor junior high girls.

• Janet Woolgar — President of the Calgary Heritage Initiative; her nominator said Janet was seriously contemplating lying down in front of a bulldozer to save the historic Inglewood brewery.

• The Fox Family — John, Dawn, Anna, Alison, Maria and Chloe Fox volunteer together at the Father Lacombe Care Centre, each playing a vital role during the Sunday service: John porters and escorts residents, Dawn plays the organ, Anna or Alison sing in the choir, Maria reads the scripture, Chloe distributes the hymn books to residents.

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